Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Personal Management Framework Paper (Evolution of Management Class Essay

Personal Management Framework Paper (Evolution of Management Class - Essay Example Drucker (1999) informs that Karl Marx and many other theorists introduced theories to describe and give final opinion on the concept of two types of workers, however, they were not successful because they lacked pragmatic experience. With the passage of time, conceptual theorizing was there along with pragmatic knowledge of the working scenarios. According to Drucker (1999), the innovator of the concept of efficiency or productivity of the workers in relation to practical knowledge was Fredrick Winslow Taylor. After his description of the concept, the attention of theorists diverted to the efficiency of workers in relation to the augmentation of financial system. It was due to the innovative concept of Fredrick Winslow Taylor that the Taylor’s Scientific Management Theory came into existence and its name is indicative of Taylor’s contribution. Along with Taylor, other theorists like Maslow, Gilbert and many others also worked towards forming a final opinion about the co ncept of productivity of workers. It is because of the stated theories that nowadays, these approaches are applied in actual work environments to increase the efficiency of the workers. This paper discusses my personal framework and addresses the assumptions, value, beliefs, and any relevant practices. In addition, it integrates relevant management theories and theorists that are seminal to the foundation of my framework and includes the role of the manager, worker, and organization in my framework. Present Management Assumptions, Values and Practices The change in the organizational structure by the passage of time is becoming more difficult and gigantic. Time has caused this change and now the real meaning of the productivity in sense of workers is realized globally. Theorists and researchers proposed many theories related about increasing the productivity of workers and by workers, but in today’s environment none of these theories can be purely applied to the organizationa l structure. The reason behind the imperfection of these theories of management presently is that these theories evolved when the industry was growing and many theorists presented these at the early stages of the growing industries. Some of the theories are applied today by the management. At that time these theories of management were thought likely to be correct to increase the workers productivity at a maximum level. At time of this evolution industries were spreading at a greater pace all around the world. In older days, when industry was growing management was not particular about the worker’s productivity in the sense that the workers are considered as machines and they are not mentally and physically soothed instead only basic need are fulfilled by the management. But now a day workers are not considered as machines and the management has to worry about the other needs of the workers too. Now a day workers have some other luxuries and their basics in term of needs. Tay lor opinions about the organizational structure in terms of its workers and suggests about the basic trait of workers in an organization that numerous workers are not known of their work and still many organizational

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