Thursday, November 21, 2019

Nursing Curriculum Development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nursing Curriculum Development - Assignment Example The CIPP model is useful in that critical external factors are taken into consideration. Moreover, the relationship between courses is established as well as the relevance of a progress to suit the needs of a job. An effective evaluation model must take into account as many factors as possible as long as they are manageable and deliver the anticipated outcomes with ease of monitoring. With regard to the input process, the objectives of the course are clearly stipulated to find a balance between theory and practice. Moreover, provisions for the necessary equipment and other learning resources are made to ensure a perfect learning condition. In the process phase of the cycle, the mode of communication and the responses between learners and the instructors is assessed to weed out any potential barriers. The discipline of the involved parties is also taken into account to ensure that seriousness is upheld. Lastly, the mode of student evaluation, test intervals, and quality of assessments are the final steps, that is, for the product phase of the cycle. Information to be used in decision-making is collected through well-structured evaluation forms, interviews, video recording of class sessions, questionnaires, or informal observations. This eliminates the bias associated with using a single form of obtaining evaluation data. However, CIPP model is deemed exclusive to experts only, and ways to incorporate other relevant stakeholders should be identified prior to the exercise.

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